A quiet place (no spoilers here)

A quiet place (no spoilers here)

Do you ever ride in your vehicle without any music playing? Just a (relatively) quiet ride? Are you ever in your house without the tv on or background music? I mean besides when you maybe reading a book. Is your only space for uninterrupted thought the shower? There has to be a reason why that's where some of our most prolific thoughts occur.

My theory is because if we're not singing in the shower we are quiet, and if we're quiet we are thinking. That's true for me anyway. My car and shower time are where I have the least amount of noise intruding on my psyche. This is sometimes necessary for me to have full, coherent thoughts. I have actually been realizing more and more how often my thoughts are interrupted when I am just trying to silent. Maybe the car isn't the best place, especially since I am getting less patient with other drivers and I can't go very far without questioning what that driver is doing, pardon my digress.

Basically, I need a quiet place to settle and just wade through my ever running current of thoughts. This allows me to cleanse mentally so I don't become hindered with unprocessed junk in my mind. I would say it's similar to a phone or computer in the respect that, if I don't clean out some of the temporary files once in a while I slow down or start to bug out.

Do you take time to visit your quiet place? Do you have a quiet place that doesn't come with a toilet and sink? I need a new one so I'm taking suggestions if you have a good one.

Make sure that you are getting in your quiet time this week. As always, remember to love yourself and those around you. Have a great? Monday!


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