Be a Funnel

Be a Funnel

I like to think that over the years, all of the testimonies and sermons in church, conversations with strangers, and just personal experiences have led me to at least one virtue. That virtue would be peace, and ability to find peace during the struggles that I have faced. Not that I'm saying I haven't worried or been full of sorrow, that definitely has happened. By God's grace though, I have not been broken past the point of recovery. I am extremely grateful for that.

When I go to work, I often come in contact with people in the middle of their struggle, people with no home, debilitating habits, or in a poisonous relationship. My primary thought is often what is draining this person's peace? I wonder how heavy the burden they carry must be.

My secondary thought, and goal, is to somehow pass on some of this abundant peace that I have experienced in hopes that this person will realize that there is still some light out there. Now this is obviously incumbent on their cooperation, but I also like to think I'm fairly patient. When I start my work day, I pray that God would help me to pour into others the peace He kindly pours into me, along with joy, and other positivities.

I said all that to say that I want you to have your heart open to funnel into someone else's struggle the virtue that you possess. Meditate on your ability to love others this week.

Feel free to inspire us with examples of how you were able to pass positivity on, or even how it was passed on to you!

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