Being Heard

Being Heard

There is a sense of power in being heard, not only heard, fully understood in a sense that what you say, think and feel is not being hidden within any shroud of misunderstanding. How we find that understanding varies from situation to situation. Some people, demand that understanding, they take it from the people that they communicate with in order to leave the mark on the world that they would like to leave. Others find that their voices have trouble being heard so they lash out in a way that halts them from being not only heard but understood. What happens is with this lashing out, we began to treat a symptom and not the source of the problem. As an example: a young child in the classroom needs to be excused in order to use the restroom. The child's teacher assures them that even though they may not be able to go to relieve themselves at that moment that they will have the opportunity to do so and the teacher asks for the patience of the student and resumes the lesson that they have planned to teach. At face value, this seems like a simple exchange but the issues come in when there is a lack in understanding.
more importantly than not, what we all want is to be heard. It is easily seen in children but it is also seen in adults. As adults, we like to think that we have a better grasp on the emotions that have sway in our lives but during adulthood, we are just a bit more accustomed to putting on a front for those that may be watching.


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