Bouncing Back

In order to conquer our failure or our fear of failure, we must learn to reorder our perception of failure. The first step is that we must realize that it is ok NOT to feel ok. Failure is a temporary thing. We perceive failure in most instances as more than what it is. Attempt to see your failure as a learning experience. Fail and lean and there is the possibility that you have not failed at all. Learn to reframe your failure. A failure is an event, not your identity. Do not see yourself as a failure because you could not accomplish a goal that you set out for yourself, attempt to see that instance through another lens. See that instance through the lens as an attempt. Possibly one of many that will get you closer to the finish line. Adjusting your attitude and understanding of failure will allow failure to manifest in a positive way. Lastly, when setting goals for yourself, go for the easy win. If your goal is to quit smoking completely, go for the quick win of possibly not finishing a cigarette and allowing those quick wins to manifest into more substantial quick wins. As those quick wins begin to add up, they will become more substantial. What was now a quick win at one time may have been inconceivable. It is simpler to digest a large meal when you break it down into smaller bite size portions. -Jerron Wallace

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