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As human beings we are creatures of change. So much in fact that change is one of the few constants in our lives. The change of jobs, the change in the people that we interact with, even changes in our families with marriages and other forces coming together. So even with all this constant change, why are we afraid of it so much? I was always told that the journey in changing something is usually the most uncomfortable part. I am a believer in the idea that we as human beings, as creatures of constant change are afraid of the change that happens in our lives because of our reluctance to the journey itself. So we settle for what we are comfortable with. We find something that is ok in our current situations instead of allowing the change to happen that will take us away from a situation with which we are unhappy. I see change as tearing a bandage away from a wound that needs to heal. The change of removing the bandage is scary but it is necessary for the healing process.

So I have said all that to say this, the journey is necessary in order to reach the goal. Looking forward to the end result is fine, especially when you have a specific goal in mind but we all need to be more mindful of the journey that we are on so that we can enjoy it a bit more. You don't want to be in a great place and not remember how you got there.

  • Jerron Wallace

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