Core strength

Core strength

As someone who once worked as a fitness professional I thoroughly enjoy working out. Ironically though, I find that I don't really work my core enough. I will often passively strengthen my core because all exercises work through the core. However I rarely spend the time actively doing exercises which focus on the core which is really the foundation the human body. I realize the importance of doing this but for some reason I am ignorant of that fact.

Sometimes I wonder if this loose philosophy filters into non-fitness aspects of my life. I feel like maybe sometimes I don't focus energy on the foundation of who I am but I will passively come back to my foundation instead of being intentional about it.

In my mind I pictured this as a ship that has dropped anchor. The anchor being the foundation and strengthening the core would be ensuring that there is not a great deal of slack in the line. If the line is not checked often, the ship will drift further and further away from where the anchor was dropped. Soon the ship will have drifted far far away from where it intended to be or desired to be.

Fortunately for me, i have healthy people around me that keep me from drifting too far away from my anchor. This does not give me permission to be negligent though. I need to do some core work.

With this in mind, I cannot guarantee that I will spend more time working on my core in the gym, but I will be working on maintaining and strengthening my foundation outside of the gym. I would challenge you to do the same if you are not already.

Have a wonderful week.


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