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Don't Lose Sight

I’ve set a lot of goals for myself for this year.  If I’m being honest, I have more unaccomplished goals than I do accomplished ones. It’s a bit disheartening coming up short on my goals. I like succeeding. I like winning. I like being great. But even though I didn’t get all those goals checked off, I still have the big picture in mind. I have to keep myself in check on not losing sight of the end goal.

Often when we come up short on goals, we tend to throw the towel in. We give up on what we are trying to accomplish. Therefore, losing sight of end goal that we are working so hard to achieve. That kind of mindset is a backwards one. It’s one we need to stray away from. If you come up short on a goal, never put it to the wayside. Even if it doesn’t hold the place it once did, always dedicate some time to work on that goal.

Bruce Lee once said “A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.” Even though I hate to admit it, this is true. But there is nothing wrong with trying to hit that mark. I personally believe that if that goal didn't get you to what you wanted to accomplish, simply tweak it until you get what you want. Because you never want to lose sight of what you want to gain. There are many paths to the destination, we must continue to travel different roads until that path is revealed. Never lose sight and it’ll all come to fruition.  

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