Focus on You

Focus on You

I don’t have a nice way to ease into this so let’s just jump right in. We spend so much time comparing ourselves to others. Whether we’re on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even watching TV; we spend eons comparing our lives to others. Maybe that person is more successful or has your dream or something along those lines. Then we get stuck in the why. Why don’t I have that car? Why can’t I make that kind of money? Why?! Why?! Why?!

Instead ask yourself: Why? Why am I spending so much time and effort focusing on those people when I should be focusing on myself? Why am I using their success to measure my own?

We must get away from that. Our own success should be measured by the standards we set for ourselves. Not by seeing what others have. Because we don’t know how they got to where they did. We don’t know what it took that person. But we can know what it took us to reach our goals. We can turn ourselves into our own success stories. We can inspire others to be their own success stories. Strive for you. Run your race. Don’t stress about how fast or slow others are moving. Focus on, keep your face, and achieve it all.


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