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Food for Thought

Thanksgiving just passed, and with it came the pictures with family and friends with captions that were variants of being full both belly and soul. Hopefully your Thanksgiving day (or 4th Thursday of November if you no longer subscribe to the origin of the holiday) was filled with laughter, hugs and other expressions of joy. Truly, it is a beautiful time getting to spend the holiday with loved ones who pour love into your life. Having supportive and loving family around is a blessing. I hope that we are remembering that we do not have to wait until the holiday season to refresh our souls by spending time with people who nourish us. Try taking time to do this once a week, or once a month at the least. I realize doing that with family is difficult. So I challenge you this week to find one person who you can trust to fill your soul and whose soul you can also fill. It may sound corny, but this is an essential equation that adds to the ways in which we can love ourselves and others. Have a blessed week.

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