Getting Lucky

The professional South African golfer Gary Player once said, "The Harder you work, the luckier you get". The idea is simple, there will never be anything handed to you and getting "lucky" is just a product of how much work you put into a situation. Be it business or personal, when you want to not only succeed at something but to flourish at it you must practice. You must work. That hard work is a catalyst for greatness. Saying that working hard will yield a positive result is no new information. However, the idea that just because you work hard does not mean that you are entitled to the desired result. That is a concept that some people have difficulty managing. I personally deal with it. The idea that when you work toward something, and you really work hard the only outcome should be the desired one. With that outcome, there lacks a lesson. We learn nothing from a single success, especially when you do not realize that success is not something that you can own. Success is rented, and every day you work hard you are paying the price of being successful. that is what we all must realize, not only to become successful but to remain successful and even to go beyond what we thought was possible.

So our call to action for anyone who may be reading this, see what your version of success looks, sounds and feels like. Once you have that end goal in mind, begin to break it down into something more manageable. Start to take those steps to get to that goal and realize that just because you work hard that there will still be hardships, there may still be setbacks. Be willing to pay the price for success and see yourself paying that price for as long as you may need to.

- Jerron Wallace

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