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Goals...Set Em

One thing, I’ve began to utilize more is goal setting. It has helped me to become more focused on what I want to achieve and actually achieve it. It gives me more accountability to myself on if those goals get met or not. So what I’ve done is I set 3 major goals for myself. The 3 major ones are goals that can’t happen in a short amount of time. They are goals that will take a year or more to accomplish. But the key is to set small goals that lead up to those big goals.

Those small goals serve as stepping stones to achieving the big goals. They also help keep you on track and motivated to keep moving forward to the major goal. I even look at the small goals as small victories every time I get one off the list and I celebrate. Celebrating the small goals for me at least, keeps me driven to keep aiming higher. Without setting the small goals, it makes making attaining the major goals a lot harder.

Take the time to sit down and set 3 major goals. Then map out your small goals to get there. You can add and remove those small goals as you see fit. Sometimes a small goal may not serve the purpose you think it might so be mindful of that. I’ve taken a few small goals from certain goals and moved them to others. Finally once you have your goals and the steps laid out, carry them with you. You can have them in a journal, on a piece of paper, or in your phone but always have them on you. You can also look it to it for strength to stay motivated. Set those goals and achieve greatness.

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