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How cliché is it to tell someone, or even yourself to be grateful? It's one of those sayings that get thrown around like seeds in a field, yet it often times those words never actually take root. More than likely, learning how important gratitude actually is, takes personal experience. I will personally testify to that. I used to say it to people so casually and so matter-of-fact as if it's always so simple. Then I had to swallow the pill. There have been multiple periods in my life when I have struggled to smile or be happy, which would drain any joy out of my life and perpetuate the cycle. Now I am not saying that gratitude magically makes life easier, that would be a lie. I am saying however, that during my darkest days that I have faced thus far, days full of sorrow when most would have been joyful, it was not until I Let Go of what I thought should be or what I thought I should have and Revisited practicing gratitude that I was able to smile from the soul again. So I would venture to say, that whether my issue is related to money, my career, relationships, you name dcit, gratitude is the first step to lightning the perceived burden and getting back on track.

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