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Grave (pun intended)

You know what probably sucks? Walking into a room and finding someone you care for face down in their mattress, not breathing and unconscious from an overdose. That has got to be a terribly disturbing experience. It's not something that I have had to suffer first hand, thankfully, but I have been exposed to first hand accounts. Nothing about it is peaceful, no matter how the discovering party tries to rationalize it. Nobody wants to admit that their loved one would be in that situation, it is a hard truth to swallow.

The worst part of it is the amount of times someone looked the other way when their loved one would self-medicate. Family members and friends lying to themselves and pretending nothing is wrong, that is where the hurt comes from. When they walk in on that morbid scene and ask why, they'll wonder what they themselves should have done differently.

I am aware this is dark so forgive me. I am simply trying to evoke some conviction and cultivate action. If you know of anyone suffering with an addiction, or know of someone who knows someone struggling with addiction, do something. Don't be an enabler. It could come back to haunt you.


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