Let it shine

Let it shine

There have been many descriptions for what resides in the collection of flesh and bone that we call a body. Our soul, energy, even light...and it is not to be neglected. This light inside of us is meant to shine, and we must let it. There are enough shadows and dark corners in the world, between bombings, countless shootings, wars, etc...there is no need for us to add to the darkness. We must nurture our light, because no matter how dark things can be, that darkness can never block out light, but that is not where the story ends. If light can drive out darkness in our lives, why not share that with others? How much brighter and potent we could be if we would shine together? How different could this world be if we all would help take care of each other's light? I hope this makes sense to someone else, who ever may stop and read this.


  • Durell Deal

    Thanks Mom, we appreciate your contribution! We are working daily to brighten our lights, spread the love and be a blessing to anyone we come into contact with.

  • Gina

    That light is Jesus. As we share His story, His love with others…. it brightens the world. He is the answer to all of our problems. As we submit to Him in prayer, the more we trust Him, the more we praise Him, and the better we can serve Him by letting His light shine through us dispelling the darkness in this world. Gentlemen continue to let His light shine through you. Be blessed.

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