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Love Yourself

At UglyAf we promote self-love. We promote it whenever and however we can. The reason why we do this is that people forget themselves far too often. With it being a fresh new year, there are many resolutions that are starting and some that are hardly getting off the ground. We preach self-love all year round. Loving yourself is the most important work and when we live such busy lives and there are so many distractions that require our attention it is only right that we take a moment and pour some of that limited time into ourselves. We are all too comfortable with taking time for our family, friends and even our co-workers at times and we live this way naturally, so pouring so much time into others feels natural, or it feels right and there is no problem with that. What we need to do is make sure that it is just as common to pour the same amount and sometimes even more care into ourselves.
We often forget that we can only be in a place to help others when we are clear-headed enough to do so. We project the help that we need onto others when we are not whole ourselves. What that means is when we are attempting to help a friend who has just recently gone through a breakup, we will verbally give them the advice that subconsciously we know that we should follow. Usually, that helps, but what we are trying to do truly, is reach out in a way that we can get help. To truly help others as so many of us attempt to do on a regular basis we must first be secure in ourselves, or whole so that we can truly and objectively help others. We must love ourselves fully before we attempt to help others flourish.

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