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Meditation for Today

Positivity promotes progress: Today is both day #1 and day how ever many random number of days you've been on this beautiful planet. The first page in a new chapter, yes, and a continuation of volumes of experiences. You may not have ended 2017 where you intended, or you may have kudos to those of us who did, either way you were given today to aspire for more. To be an inspiration to yourself and others. To not be overwhelmed as we approach new horizons, nor negligent enough to not seek them. This day is about taking another step, none too big or too small, as long as it is positive. Start your week, your month, and your year with this in mind, positivity promotes progress. Personally, I sometimes struggle to see the bright side. Being in my mid twenties has brought a plethora of new experiences as life does, and definitely some growth. Growth rarely comes easy, as I'm sure you all know, and sometimes it even leaves a mark. That mark can be a reminder of pain and sorrow, which could cause one to dwell in their discomfort. Alternatively, that mark can be the seed that cultivates more growth. Your perspective makes the difference. Choose to be positive. Choose to flourish.

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