One at a Time

One at a Time

I have always been fascinated with people that have the ability to multitask. Having your head on multiple projects at any given time is something that I find admirable in people because it is something that I know that I struggle with. However, I like to think that I have a kind of focus that is good in certain situations. I say that to say that it is important to know what you do well and be proud of that. We all have aspects of our life that we know that we need to work on, no one is perfect. However, striving for that idea of bettering yourself is something that should be sought after regardless of how far-fetched something may seem. Attempt to find that balance in knowing that you are not a perfect being and being alright with that. Or even liking yourself but knowing that there are some attainable things that you could do in order to make how you feel about yourself just a little better. The message, however it is presented is one of self-love. Loving the skills and the abilities that you do have. Loving the journey of adding to those lovable qualities or even finding a loving comfort in who you are in this moment and many more moments to come. Even if you are not comfortable with the person that you are, that is alright. Use that to motivate you to add pieces to your puzzle until the picture looks exactly how you see it.

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  • Prodige Swerv

    This is truly admirable brother. Great article.

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