Open Heart

Open Heart

Here at UglyAf, our logo is an open heart. The open heart symbolizes so many things. For us, the open heart is a willingness to love. Love yourself first, as well as loving others. You may hear us referencing loving yourself but how many can say that it is something that they actively participate in? Loving yourself, not just the physical aspects, however, we understand that is apart of it. So whatever you need to do in order to feel that love for your physical self is something that we promote. If you need to wake up a little earlier and go running or if it means hitting the gym at the end of your workday. It may even mean knowing how much the foods you enjoy don't really like you back. Once you have a firm grip on the physical, figure out your mental. What is it that you need to do in order to make sure that your mentality is positive enough to allow you to love yourself? If that is being with family, or even in some cases getting away from family. Approaching the person that you have a crush on, or getting out of a toxic relationship. Do not be afraid of self-maintenance, however, it may manifest in your life. Know that those changes in your life will inadvertently allow you to positively affect others. Being confident and comfortable enough to love yourself gives you the ability to help others flourish.

- Jerron Wallace

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  • Donovan Daniel

    finger snaps Definitely a strong message here. It’s so important to have a mental and physical love for yourself while finding a healthy equilibrium in life.

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