Patience truly is virtuous -
So we have our goals set, we have all the steps of how to get there planned out (or in process), we are about to plow through this year like freshly fallen snow! Then appears a wild wrench in our plan..ok cool, bounce back. Then another set back...still on the grind. Then that avalanche of freshly fallen snow seems to come flowing downhill and you have the desire to flip tables and break things, or maybe that's just over here. Some days you will face adversity, possibly many days at a time. Someone who just started their year may already feel like the world is doing it's best to hold them back. Well, here is something to hold onto in those times where you feel like you do not have enough. Breathe and let go of tension...look at what your positives are, they will help push you forward....take control of what you can, there is always something you can do...and be patient...growth does not come easy. During those hard times you can meditate on the fact that it will improve your endurance in life. That endurance in turn can cultivate character. Character helps develop the hope that whatever the issue is, it can and will get better. So, if I'm saying anything at all, I'm saying be patient, growing pains are a part of the process. An acorn does not flourish into an oak tree without falling first. Be patient, the water and warm sun you need to sprout new life is on the way. Patience is a virtue.

-Durell Deal

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