Philanthropic and Sorta Patriotic

Philanthropic and Sorta Patriotic

This past week, an instructor of mine went on an unexpected rant about diversity and culture that resonated with me. He stated that diversity was not a good thing, and initially I was taken aback. His explanation however, was laced with wisdom. I am going to attempt to explain it in my own words. 

At the center of diversity should lie congruence. To achieve this balance demands and encourages shared interests or experiences. We are all unique and special, what brings us together is our ability to connect and build on commonalities.

Being different is a beautiful thing. It can, however, be a detriment should differences be our main claim to our identity. Diversity can keep us separated and even segregated. It can undermine relationships with people we love and care about (speaking from personal experience). It has started wars. It has led to the demise of countries and empires.

I do not wish, nor am I setting out to assuage anyone to abandon what is the foundation of their identity. Keep that by all means. Just don't be afraid to build bridges with some of the things that link us together as human beings. 

Last week there was news of pipe bombs being sent to CNN, the Obama residence, the Clinton Residence, and a few others were targeted. There was also another senseless and tragic shooting this past weekend. These are things that can occur and even become routine when all we do is focus on our differences and disagreements. These are the kind of things that can ignite into a civil war.

Mark 3:25 reads "And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand". I challenge you to go foster some harmony for the sake of our country.


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