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                On Kid Cudi’s album “Kids See Ghosts,” he has a song called “Reborn.” The first time I listened to it, it hit my soul and I couldn’t figure out why. That song put me in the meanest feel. Not a sappy feel but a motivated one. It makes me feel powerful. Then it dawned on me what being reborn is all about. It’s about overcoming the obstacles in our personal lives and being able to move forward not making the same mistakes.

                Often we let so much crap weigh down our lives. We may get into ruts of depression or struggle with some kind of personal conflict. It gets to be so much that it consumes our lives and we get stuck in a never-ending cycle and we get so helpless. We feel like it is impossible for life to get better for us. So we believe that our life has to be full of pain and hopelessness. Kid Cudi says that “Peace is somethin’ that starts with me” and he absolutely right. We hold the power to create peace in our lives and make our lives what we want them to be. Like how a phoenix rises from the ashes and is reborn, we to can do the same.  

                Nothing in life is too great to hold us down. We are too strong to not overcome any adversity life can throw at us. Take your life back. Live life to the fullest. Put your best foot forward and keep going forward one step at a time. As Kid Cudi says “I'm so I’m so reborn, I’m movin’ forward.” Be reborn, love yourself, and always flourish.


-Donovan Daniel, Commander-In-Chief 


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