Take Control

You have control over your body, a lot more than you may realize. Once you have an understanding of what is happening, you can get a better grasp of why it is happening. For example, have you ever noticed when someone is about to get into a physical altercation? There are certain things that a person's body does naturally that prepares you for your fight or flight response. One of the first things that you notice, if you put the time to realize it ,is that the breath is shortened. Meaning you are no longer taking those deep calming breaths that you are use to. That brings less oxygen into your body which can alter the way that you process a situation. What we want to be able to do is not only be mindful of those changes in the body but be able to counteract them in an effective manner. Which brings this back to the beginning when I told you that you have a lot more control over your body than you may realize.

These natural occurrences that happen are not just happening when something as strenuous as a physical altercation occurs. They also happen when you are building the courage to say something to that guy or girl that you think is special. It happens when you are getting ready to interview for that job that you want more than anything. When you realize these changes and you are able to take control over your own body and mind. This control will allow you to flourish in a situation that you would normally fumble in.

In order to thwart these issues, you can do something as simple as taking one of those deep breaths that we went over in a previous installation of our Meditation Monday. As a reminder, you want to take a deep breath slowly and controlled. In through your nose, activate your diaphragm by allowing the stomach to fill up like putting air into a balloon. Allow the feeling of that breath to circulate through your body. As you hold for a second or two, slowly allow that breath to leave your body with a slow even exhale.

Bringing your awareness to these changes and reminding yourself that you have the tools to thwart them, you can take control of your mind and body. And not allow your body to control you. You have a lot more control of the things that happen in your body. Always remember that, and if you are ever in need of a reminder, remember to make sure to tell yourself that every single day, U Gotta Love Yourself And Flourish.


-Jerron Wallace


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