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The Bacon

We do what we can, when we can to ensure that the life that we live is one of fulfillment, peace, and a slew of other things that we need in order to make sure that we are living the best version of our lives that we possibly can. A disconnect that happens is when we believe that the world wants to mold around those changes to make sure that we are living a life that is not only what we want it to be and also be that vision that we have in an effortless manner. We forget that this world is one of malice, difficulties at every corner and the occasional gleam of hope. We must realize that even if you choose to be a vegetarian in order to get the many health benefits or even just to brag at parties, that does not mean that bacon will stop smelling amazing. Just because we want to make a positive change in our lives we must understand that the world will not stop spinning for those changes, regardless of how massive they are, to us. There is a sense of peace in knowing that there will always be resistance. When we get to where we want and begin to do the things that we want to do, that resistance may begin to be a little easier to manage but there will always be a little push against us. Even birds still need to contend with gravity. So we must remain headstrong on not hoping to have no issues but having the wherewithal to adjust how we respond to those issues that we interact with.

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