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The "D" Word

 How disciplined are you? How do you measure it? If you look the word discipline up in the dictionary, like back in '97 you'll see something along the lines of training, or practice as it relates to each of us. I like to look at discipline like doing things we may not like, even though we  know that it will promote our wellness in the long run. Discipline, to me is not only about perseverance its also about the level of tenacity that you have and your ability to look forward. Knowing that your "now" will never be here again. I am away of how strange that may sounds, but these moments that we are currently living in are so valuable because we can never get them back. Discipline is a difficult thing to master, it means that you are living in the now as well as looking toward the future. Its somewhat like a super power, a super power that even if you realize that you have it, it's something that is difficult to master. The only thing that can enhance this power is time and practice. Remembering how valuable your time is, it makes sense to spend it mastering your superpowers. So in order to become great at disciplining yourself, like most things you would like to improve in your life, you need to practice. Do not see discipline as a bad word, specially when it comes to creating a happier and more fulfilling future for yourself and the people around you that you love and care about. Love yourself, even if it is a version of yourself that needs to be more disciplined. 

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