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The Setback

You ever work so hard for or looked forward to anything so bad before? Anything. Sports, school, job, a vacation or even just doing better in life. You can feel yourself getting so close to that goal. So close you can smell it. Just for you to get slapped with a hard setback. It’s the worse right? It’s like running right into a brick wall. Then, boom the discouragement sets in. All this work and for what? Just to not taste the fruit of all your labor. But all is not lost.

Someone once put the brick wall in perspective for me. I was told to take a few steps back and examine that wall. Is it tall or it is long? Are there holes or cracks in the foundation? When you do that, it makes that hard brick wall or major setback look not so daunting. We get caught up in the fact that we got hit so hard by the setback that we forget that we can hit back. There are ways for us to get past the setback. Just step back and reevaluate. No matter what comes in your way, no matter how big the setback, there always a way to get past it.  

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