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We are all very much aware that patience is a virtue. I find comfort in believing that honesty is one as well. Since life is, in my opinion, about balance I am ok being honest about my lack of patience. I have always desired patience, I think of it as something that can not simply be had, it is something that must be worked on and earned. I always found it interesting my lack of patience, seeing as though I grew up in the dial-up error and without patience in those days, not too much of anything could get done.
In the journey of self-love, and make no mistake, it is a journey. Self-love is a road that you take, it is not a simple destination that you land on. On that journey, having the patience for yourself is one of the more important things to consider. We ask a lot of ourselves and unlike the way we treat others, there is a lack of understanding that we give to ourselves that is unfair, to say the least. If our goal is to lose weight we can see the end result better than anyone on the outside but we expect the goal to be reached right away. It is interesting that when we converse with others about their goals we see and understand the time frame. We know that the friend who wants to quit smoking is not going to be able to do so in a single day but we do not give ourselves the same level of understanding.
We must learn to have patience with our selves and have patience with the goals that we set for ourselves. There are few things more disheartening than not seeing the physical results that we thought we would see after our gym regime has gotten off the ground. We must learn to treat ourselves like the plants that bring please, calm and joy into our lives. Give it time, give it love and watch it grow over time. That is the way to build something positive, time. Even if it is something as important as yourself, learn to give it the same patience that you would give to anyone or anything else that has promised to change.

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