Vision Quest

Vision Quest


                At the start of the New Year, I made it a mission to focus on myself. To go on a vision quest in order to spend more time to figure out who I really am and what I want out of life. And in these last couple of weeks, I’ve found that the more time I spend on myself, the more clear things become. I find myself lost in a deep meditation. Blocking all and everything out and talking to the inner me. Reaching the inner depths of my mind and soul. Slowly unlocking parts of myself that were locked away because I never took the time to really reflect on myself. It’s both scary and exciting and the quest has barely begun.

               Take the time to focus on you. I say this to you because there are many of us that have multiple pieces in our lives that require a lot of attention. And after we dedicate that attention to those pieces, we are too tired to give any attention to ourselves. Which is a big problem. Because if you don’t put in the time to focus on you, then who’s going to do it for you? No one. No one else but yourself can reflect on you. Knowing yourself is vital to achieving what you are meant to achieve. This is something I wholeheartedly believe. I find that those who really know themselves almost have an air of enlightenment about them. Because they know what they are capable of and they know their worth. To know your worth is to know yourself. Take the time to get to know you.

               I’m not here to preach to you or tell you how to live your life. I’m here to make change in the world. My vision quest is telling me that making a change is my mission. And I wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t take the time to get to know me and love me for who I am. And if you want change in your life, then start there. Start with yourself. Know and love yourself first and the change you want will follow. And with that being said, always remember: U Gotta Love Yourself And Flourish.

-Donovan Daniel, Commander-In-Chief

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