UGLY AF will be donating 10% of Profits to St. Jude's Children Hospital


As of late I’ve been bumping to the song “WIN” by Jay Rock. The song is straight up fire. It gets me sooo hyped every time I listen to it. It makes me want to be great and win with everything that I do. Whether it be my personal life, in the gym, UGLY AF and our podcast “Maaaaaaan Look!”…I want to win at it all. I want to leave a legacy than will be spoken about for years to come. Not because I was winning but because I helped others win as well. Winning shouldn’t be a selfish thing at all. You often here music artists or athletes say “if I eat we all going to eat” which basically means “if I win we all win.” I want everyone to win because we all deserve it. We all deserve the happiness that we work hard to obtain. So when you’re out there flourishing, help someone else. Now go win…win win win win!

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