Win from Within

Win from Within

Over the past 2 and a half months I have been going through some on the job training, to ensure that I am prepared to go do my job every day without constant supervision. During that time I was closely monitored and evaluated on every single thing I did while I was on the clock.

There were times that I was doing great and being praised for it. And then there were the rough criticisms that would frustrate me because I wanted to do better. It didn't help that I would also mentally chastise myslef over my mistakes at times.
When it came to the last day, there was talk of extending my training because my superiors were concerned with my ability to handle some things on my own. That was a bit of a blow. I firmly believed that I was the best rookie from my graduating class, but I was the only one who was presenting issues.

Before I started my shift, I prayed (always important), and I developed a mantra to remind me of what I needed to do to succeed. The concern was that I wouldn't use my voice to control conflict and show command in situations that presented some confrontation. So I told myself over and over, "use your voice, use your voice". Toward the end of the night, a situation presented itself for me to show command of a situation, and without hesitation or thought, I acted swiftly, decisively, and assertively. So much in fact that it surprised my trainer. It didn't surprise me because I knew what I was capable of, but to know that I succeeded and gave my superiors a reason to believe in me was rewarding. So what am I saying?

1. Always pray, no matter what the situation.
2. Believe in you. 3. If you are dealing with an issue constantly, speak your solution into your life. 4. And lastly, you are never defeated until YOU give up, so press on toward your success. Whatever your obstacle may be, the will to win must come from within you.

Go out and conquer this week!

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