Windows and Mirrors

Windows and Mirrors

It’s crazy to think that Christmas is just eight days away. In fact, 2019 is just 14 days away and as always, approaching the new year calls for moments of introspection and reflection. What mattered the most to you this year? What memories will you never forget? What events do you wish you could forget? Whatever those points of introspection and reflection may be for you this year, I hope they include windows and mirrors.

Now, by windows and mirrors I’m not entirely talking about those items that are a part of and live within your home. Windows are opportunities to take time to look outside of ourselves (outside of our own “windows”) to view another perspective. As you journeyed through this year, what windows did you gaze out of? What other perspectives spoke to you and thus provided a healthier and well-rounded point of view that grew and stretched who you are as a person? On the flip side, what mirrors (what avenues acted as conduits to view yourself and who you are) did you examine and thus share with others this year? Did you have more window moments, more mirror moments, or did they seem to balance themselves out?

As we approach a new year, it’s always wise to consider how we can integrate windows and mirrors into the fabric of our everyday lives. Perhaps this holiday season, you reflect on a mirror moment about how you love yourself (or lack thereof) and how you would like to see yourself prospering more in the new year. That may mean more self-care, more confidence, more “me time”. Additionally, you may reflect on the window moments that changed your life and that you wish to see more of in the coming year. Perhaps a special person came into your life and showed you the amazing strength that resides in their life, their world, and their culture. Now is a time to embrace those windows and mirrors and carry them with you, with much more confidence and clarity, into a new year. Be confident in who you are, love extravagantly, and embrace the differences around you.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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