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Your Place

     In this segment of Motivational Monday, I think it is time for us to be honest with one another. Whenever anyone here at UglyAf attempts to inspire or create a moment where someone can take something away from something that we write, the theme is usually one of overcoming some kind of adversity, trial, or turmoil. When that is within your realm of possible actions, we recommend it majority of the time. However, there is another side of the coin that we seldom touch on and that is when things are a bit out of the reach of possibility for you. At times, those moments can be difficult to process, to say the least. At the most can be life altering. There are times when it is possible to meet somewhere along the middle. That is when we get into a compromise.

     Know this, a compromise is something that is mutual. Do not believe that you are making a compromise if you are the only one that is making a sacrifice. There are just some scenarios where you do not win, even if it is a slight one with a compromise and when that happens you must realize that the situation that you are in, is one that is not meant for you. We attempt to mold the world we live in to our liking as often as we can, and when we have the means to do so, or life gets a bit easier. We must understand that the world is not meant for us, we carve our existence into it. So when the time comes where you just do not seem to fit, it may be time to pick another place to dig. Trust me, i know that this seems harsh, but loving yourself means knowing how precious your time is and not putting yourself in a situation to waste that time. 

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