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Your Words

There is a disconnect from the things that we mean to say and the way that people perceive what we actually said. Communication and more specifically, human language has come so far and made so many progressions that it is odd in this day and age that with all the different ways to communicate that there is still a disconnect. I am curious as to why that is. My Sophmore year of college I had an English professor that told me why the written word was so important. To paraphrase him, he believes that without you standing in front of a person to clarify whatever it is you believe your point to be, will the person you are relaying your message to be able to comprehend your point of view? I took that idea and it stuck with me and to this day I am overly aware of the way that I communicate with people and the messages that I leave them with, either purposefully or otherwise.
I bring this up because it relates to things outside of communicating with others. Applying this level of detail with how you achieve your goals can be helpful. Just as if you were talking with a person and you wanted to get your point across that is exactly how clear you want your dreams and desires to be. Be clear with yourself. Do not allow any misunderstandings as to how you plan on achieving the goals that you set for yourself. In doing this, you create a clear path toward your goals and if there is any sign of deviation you know exactly where it came from and how to get it back onto the right path. Be clear with yourself first, so that all other messages you have for the world are taken in to mean exactly what you want them to mean. Your clarity will propel the love you have for yourself as well as the love you have for others.

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